ABOUT: MTC Dynamics – Amateur Radio

ABOUT: MTC Dynamics - Amateur Radio

Operating out of NW Oklahoma, where local contacts are sparce.  Have operated under the following callsigns; KG5OIM, W9YSH, AF9YS, AF8FW, and currently as AA5ZT. 

Each one of these callsign had meaning for me except the KG5OIM -  as it was the first one issued,  W9YSH and AF9YS callsign demarked the upgraded statuses of my earned licenses for Techician to General to Amateur Extra. However, AF8FW is a rememberance for me. I had served with the 8th Fighter Wing at Kunsan AB, ROK during the late 70s. Now, for me, it represents all the servicemaen who are deployed to Korea. (Thusly my callsign - Air Force 8th Fighter Wing).  Unfortunately,  I ran into Bureau issues on foreign contacts since the "8" put me outside the Oklahoma bureau. So made the jump to AA5ZT.

As Weather is important here in NW Oklahoma,  I provide both local weather station data from my CWOP (Community Weater Observer Program) enabled weather station as well local emergency communication via Broadcastify.  My weather station can be located via it APRS callsign, AA5ZT-WX.

My Broadcastify channel can be found by clicking on the following button.

Major County Sheriff, Fire and EMS, Fairview Police

Also, I am a SKYWarn and Spotter Network member as well an ARES volunteer for Major County.

My startup "Ham Shack". Two "Homebrew"ed power supplies, a couple of Baofengtm UV-5Rs, a TyT-9800 Quad Band (70cm, 2M, 6M, 10M) transceiver, Cobratm 29LX Citizen Band radio, "Homebrew"ed QRP CW oscillatator (Not used yet), RTL-SDR running through a HPtm DV7 laptop, and several Midlandtm GMRS transceivers. Also, working on a Softrock RXTX Ensemble so I can work on the 40m/30m/20m bands QRP. On the HF side, Icom IC-718 with integrated IF Tap for SDR work and MFJ Autotuner.

Holding an Amateur Extra license as of 12/24/2016. Also member of the ARRL as of 2016. Currently, I'm working  on 3 projects; a 31' vertical HF antenna (Not Completed 6/18), a Dell Optiplex SvxLink repeater with EchoLink capacity, and a Raspberry Pi running OpenRepeater/SvxLink as a failover for the Dell Optiplex. Repeater Coordination  was completed via ORSI on August 13th of 2017.

This provides 2 meter repeater service of a frequency of 145.250 MHz ( - / PL136.5) for Major County, Oklahoma.  As stated, utlizing an old Dell Optiplex purchased from Ebay; this repeater system is running SVXLink with a Baofeng UV-5r as the Receiver and a Kenwood TM-281 as the transmitter and a homemade EasyDigi for PTT control on VOX open.  The repeater is Echolink enabled and is the ER-AA5ZT listing on EchoLink.  However, even though it is an open repeater - contacts through it will be sparce as not many listen for communications on it in this area because of a lack of amateur radio operators around here.                                              

Michael L. Cornelsen, AA5ZT


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Here is a short video of a "Round Robin" Echolink test on the Dell Optiplex SvxLink repeater